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X Markets Group LTD

Sector: IT, Technician

Qualification: Cyber security technician (Level 3)

Location: London, EC2M 4UJ

The XMG has developed unified software and hardware space which allows a new type of network topology encouraged by software-based networking models created for data centres over the last 20 years. X Markets group (XMG) has researched the most efficient solution to establish faster internet connection and simultaneously lowering cost.

Vacancy Description

Looking for vulnerabilities and risks in hardware and software

Finding the best way to secure the IT infrastructure of an organisation

Building firewalls into network infrastructures

Constantly monitoring for attacks and intrusions

When the cyber security specialist finds a potential threat or attempted breach, closing off the security vulnerability

Identifying the perpetrator and liaising with the police if necessary


Cyber Security Technician Level 3

Functional Skills English and Maths (If required)

Course Duration

18 Months

Desired Skills

Problem-Solving Skills

Technical Aptitude

Attention to Detail

Communication Skills


Personal Qualities

Willingness to learn


Attention to detail



Working Week

Monday - Friday

35 hours


£161 per week

£ 8,385 per annum

Future Prospects

Permanent Position for the right candidate

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