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Sector: IT

Qualification: Software developer (Level 4)

Location: London, W1F 0HS

We’re a digital and creative technology product studio, based in Soho, London. We develop digital products for clients, from their idea stage, through to end-product. Our expertise is across mobile apps, web apps, e-Commerce and brochure websites. We work closely with clients to develop their brand experience, and amplify it through technology.

Vacancy Description

Developing websites using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The websites will be a mixture of information/brochure websites and e-Commerce websites. You will be an integral part of the team, working directly with the founders of the business, providing guidance and teaching what needs to be implemented into a go-live ready website.

You’ll be working in the development department, alongside the development team.

Key responsibilities include converting static website designs into website code, embedding this code into a content management system (WordPress) with purpose-built fields, producing clean, optimised and fully tablet/mobile responsive code, testing the code through a quality assurance process, managing servers where needed.

You will report to the CTO on a day-to-day basis, along with the Creative Director


Software Developer Level 4

English and Maths functional skills (If required)

Course Duration

24 Months

Desired Skills

Excellent communication skills

A level of understanding of web development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP)

A basic understanding of WordPress or similar content management systems

Strong spoken and written English


Personal Qualities

Problem Solver

Drive to learn and have self-development


Attention to detail


Working Week

Monday - Friday

37.5 hours


£161 per week

£ 8,385 per annum

Future Prospects

Permanent position for the right candidate


No specific qualifications needed, just a level of understanding for web development and coding ability

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