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Qualification: Software development technician (Level 3)

Location: Chelmsford

APPTIQ is a full-service software consultancy, specialising in mobile app development. We use our expertise in mobile app development to help companies become more flexible and adapt to the new world. Alongside this, we help companies structure their IT systems to ensure they get the most out of what they have and everything is streamlined.

Vacancy Description

● You will be working on team projects

● You will be trained for the role to understand and learn how to create mobile apps

● Creating and implementing mobile apps for clients

● Integrating new software across existing platforms and systems

● Keeping abreast of various hardware, legal, performance criteria and the types of constraints under which the software will have to function.

● Replicating software testing conditions under real-life conditions

● Meeting deadlines and milestones

● On a day to day, reporting to the managing director for anything needed


● Software development technician level 3

● Software Development Context and Methodologies

● Programming

● English and Maths Functional Skills (If required

Course Duration

18 Months

Desired Skills

● Time management

● A basic knowledge of programming (Preferably Javascript, Java or Swift)

● Willingness to learn mobile app development

● A technical, logical thought process

● Problem solving skills

● Ability to stick to deadlines

● A keen eye for detail

● Ability to be accountable

Personal Qualities

● Willingness to learn

● Good communication skills

● Well Organised

● Ability to work a part of a team

● Responsible and reliable

● Interest in technology

Working Week


37.5 hours


£156 per week

£ 1,866 per annum

Future Prospects

Career progression


● Ideally should live locally ● There will be a lot of screen time, so frequent breaks can be provided as needed.

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