Dear Ziggy,

Many thanks for your recent assistance with hiring our apprentice.  We have found your service second to none.  Not only did you support us in understanding the legal requirements for our first hire, but you also explained how apprenticeships work and went into detail in answering any questions I had.

Furthermore, as a first-time manager, it was reassuring to know you and your team were at the end of the phone in the event of any issues.  The fact that Aspire to Learn was available for me when I was struggling to motivate a young apprentice working from home during lockdown was very reassuring.  It has meant the apprentice is now back-on-track and I have a plan to keep it that way.

I would not hesitate to recommend your service to others in the future and you are most certainly our go-to apprentice provider for our next hire.

Thanks again to you and your team for all your hard work.

Warm regards,


Eoin Oliver - Square Balloon

"I have gone into an apprenticeship because I feel as though learning while earning was the best solution for my situation. Sharon (my assessor) has helped me in many ways for example giving me the support I need regarding my coursework, clarifying any questions I may have and also by being collectively a comfortable person to speak to and to go to when in need. I would recommend an apprenticeship because university is not for everyone"

Mohammed Tareq - Apprentice at Barclay Primary School

"As we are trying to grow our business, sometimes my staff often find their time is taken up by smaller tasks when they should be concentrating on their key areas of work, therefore delegating some of the jobs to an apprentice allows them to learn and take responsibility, while freeing up the time of my more experienced staff. Better allocation of work should make my business more productive and growth should start to show. It’s always good to help others decide what field they want to go into by way of them starting in a workplace that’s established and potentially growing within their sector. Apprenticeships give us a fantastic experience in the working world and show employers that they can 'hit the ground running' with the enthusiasm and want to learn and become better for themselves and employer. Aspire has given hands-on training which gives them a real chance to put their hidden skills into practice and in turn helps them to gain more confidence in a working environment plus they get to earn while they learn. Aspire has been a great help especially as they are walking distance from my office I can always pop in and ask for advice from their knowledgeable team. Ryan always has an inviting smile and very approachable and friendly."

Aimee Nichols - Manager of Luxe PFS

"I feel I have really progressed since when I first started as I knew I wanted to study accounting but never really knew too much about it, but now I have gained a lot of knowledge and skills due to the fact I have had the opportunity to gain experience in this particular work environment as well as learn from others. The opportunity has helped me as I now have a greater insight into what I want to study and feel comfortable in working in an office-environment taking on basic accounting duties (VAT/tax returns bookkeeping, bank analysis, general tips and tricks and a lot more) not to mention doing an apprenticeship has opened more doors for me. Besides getting support from where you actually work, you also have the support from your training provider. You will have an assessor who will help you and assess your performance in the workplace as well as set work and ensure you understand it and complete it to a high standard."

Akshay Joshi - Apprentice at Kundra Holdings LLP

"I have gone into an apprenticeship because I did not have any office skills or experience and wanted to go into an office-based job. I was working in the beauty industry before and began to dislike it so I wanted a career change and wanted to build my skills up, learning new things and taking on new challenges every day. Aspire to learn has given me excellent guidance and support during my apprenticeship. My assessor, who I see monthly, is a great help as she is there whenever I need her or helps me when I am unsure of something. I would definitely recommend an apprenticeship to anyone who wants a kick start to their career or is thinking about changing career because it has made a huge difference to my life and you get so much support from the staff. You learn so many new things and build relationships with so many new people."

Aimee Joyce - Apprentice at Hutchins & Co

"Aspire to Learn have played a vital role in the growth of my business, Sprout Me Media. They have enabled me as an employer to focus on my business whilst they deal with our recruitment process. Over the past 2 years we have successfully hired 3 apprentices, 1 of which is now a full-time employee. As our relationship with Aspire to Learn has grown and developed they have understood our needs perfectly, they know exactly what candidates are right for not just the role, but also our working environment. I really couldn't recommend the Aspire to Learn enough and am forever thankful for their efforts."

Aaron Peters - Managing Director of Sprout Me Media

"I have only the most positive feedback to give about Aspire to Learn and the members of staff. Originally, I discovered Aspire by looking online on the government website, while looking for the apprenticeship in a financial sector. While having contact with other training providers, my experience is that Aspire have the friendliest staff. When I came to the office the first time, everyone was exceptionally helpful and professional. At that time, I was given guidance and advice on which options are available to me, and what would be the best choices to further my career. While being on the course, I have received a tremendous amount of guidance and help from my guidance counsellor. Due to this, I have not experienced any difficulties up until this point of the course. The frequent contact that Aspire has with me, about the course and if I am in any need or further guidance, is further proof that they are doing their best to ensure that I succeed and receive the best possible experience out of this. Personally, I feel that Aspire and their team have been exceptional, and I am very satisfied with their training and staff. I have already recommended them to few friends and their family members, as I know that the quality standard of this organisation is top notch."

Volodymyr Mushenyk - Apprentice at Rikar Consultancy

"At David Bean Wealth Management Ltd we pride ourselves on our reputation and doing what we say we will do. It’s great to see that Aspire to Learn abide by the same principle as us. I have thoroughly enjoyed the Level 5 Management qualification and would recommend it to anyone that manages staff, has staff that may one day become a manager or anyone wanting to learn more. My management before the course was the same across the board but now is adaptable to different to team members."

David Bean - David Bean Wealth Management

"In the past, I have found that advertising for new employees can be lengthy and laborious. This time, Aspire to Learn took all the stress away and managed the entire process on our behalf. I was extremely impressed and amazed by the calibre of candidate that you put through for interview. It was clear that you had considered our requirements and chosen potential apprentices that would be a good fit with us. Our Apprentice is so quick to learn and keen to get involved that it feels like he has been part of our team forever."

Suzie Wilce - Champagne and Gift Company

"Thank you for attending our Careers Fair. This is a new venture for us and one which was incredibly successful. The feedback from students and parents who attended was overwhelmingly positive. It is incredibly valuable for our young people to hear from those in the world of work and to gain a 'real' perspective. Our students really benefited from your experience, expertise and advice. I hope we can continue our partnership with you."

Mary O'Keefe - Headteacher, St Ignatius College

""The candidate impressed me at the interview and has proven to be one of the best apprentices I have ever employed. All the candidates you sent were impressive at interview, it’s just a shame I could not take on all of them." "The Apprentice adding real value to my business." "This is all down to the great service and apprenticeship that Aspire to Learn deliver. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone looking to grow their business.""

Paul Cunningham - Fix Auto Dagenham

"From registration to completion Aspire to learn were excellent and friendly, they listened to what I was looking for and tried their upmost to find the right job for me. The placement that Aspire found me was great with a friendly set of people who all seemed to care about what I was trying to achieve and helped me to complete the work that was set by Aspire. The work that Aspire set was a manageable workload that could be fitted both in and around my daily job role. Aspire provided great help to ensure that I was coping well with the work and was on track to finish; they ensured that the work did not cause any stress by setting a realistic timeline to complete each of the units. My assessors Deborah and Danielle were a great help; they provided great feedback on my work and help me work through the difficult units. The discussions we had during our sessions really gave me better understanding when it came to carrying out the work. Aspire to learn are a great training provider and I would have no hesitation in recommending them to others looking for an Apprenticeship."

Reece Beaumont

"Before we met you, we engaged with other agencies, their main objective was to place an apprentice within a company irrespective of their suitability. By contrast, you listened to our requirements, ascertained our needs and within a very short space of time, identified a suitable candidate for interview."

Andrew Fox, Planet Leasing

"As a mature person the thought of returning to learning was somewhat daunting. I therefore am delighted to say that Aspire to learn were there and still there every step of the way, from the initial paper work through to the celebration of submitting the final assignments. Thank you Aspire for the guidance, tutor (Sejal) who without the journey would not have been nearly so fun, and supportive."

Alison Brownfield

"Having passed my level 3 in Business administration, I managed to work my way up to a higher post which has also led to so much more experience and a whole new range of responsibilities and opportunities. I definitely recommend apprenticeships as a way to start a career as it has helped me to get the job that I wanted and to develop my career."

Rebecca Greenwood