We speak to Pavanvir Singh, Software Developer Kickstart Employee at Square Balloon

Tell us a bit about yourself, what were you doing before applying to the Kickstart Scheme?

I had been studying Computer Science but due to reasons outside my control I was unable to complete my studies, this left me in a weaker position in terms of finding a job and this was further compounded by the COVID-19 crisis.

How easy was it to find a role?

In fact, it was far easier than expected since it was the first role I applied for. On top of that everybody from my work coach to potential employers were very helpful and clear throughout the whole process. This was especially brilliant for me, as I was in an uncertain position with regards to my future and having the advice of those who were far more experienced made my life a lot easier.

Is the work you are doing new? And Are you enjoying it?

The work I am doing is almost entirely new to me, however a clear timetable/plan of progression was laid out to me detailing how I would advance in my role. This gives me clear goals and allows me and my employer to ensure that our relationship is mutually beneficial. This plan has made sure that I have just enough of a challenge at work, so the learning curve has not been too steep or too unexciting either, this has meant I have been able to enjoy the work whilst also furthering my skills.

It’s early days, but what has been the best thing so far?

The best thing has actually been getting stuck into some work, and the work continually being new and exciting, allowing me to recognise my progression day to day.

Has the scheme been of benefit to you? And if so, what are they and what have you learnt and what are your aspirations for the future.

At this stage, the scheme has been becoming more and more useful to me and shows all the signs of continuing this trend. I have been learning about the key skills of a web developer as well as many other skills, from social media management to business dealings with clients. As for my future, I hope to be an independent and remote web developer and this scheme has given me a much-needed boost in that direction.

27 Jul 2021