We ask Aran about his Sales Apprenticeship

What Apprenticeship are you doing?

I am doing a Sales Executive Apprenticeship Level 4 with Square Balloon, a website development company based in Essex.

Where did you find out about the Apprenticeship?

I initially found out about the Apprenticeship through word of mouth, and then checked out Aspire to Learn online. I spoke with their Apprentice Recruitment team who told me everything I needed to know, which made me feel really confident about the whole process.

What made you interested in completing an Apprenticeship?

It was appealing to know that I will be making money whilst learning and gaining a qualification. I thought the idea of getting practical experience in a business environment whilst and gaining a good qualification would help me understand the industry I wanted to work in far better.

Also, the digital marketing sector is changing all the time, so I felt that I had a better chance of staying up-to-date with any new technology, sales and marketing strategies by the time I had completed my course.

What was the Apprenticeship like?

The Apprenticeship was a great experience. It has allowed me to refine my skills and gain a lot of knowledge. Task and Assignments were explained well by my assessor Shilpa. If I had any questions, I could contact her at any time, and she would reply quickly and answer all my queries.

I carried out many different types of tasks at work, so I was able to get a good understanding of the industry. My Manager provided great support and made sure I was continually learning and growing.

Would you recommend an Apprenticeship with Aspire to Learn?

I would recommend an Apprenticeship with Aspire to Learn, as they are extremely helpful, and want to make sure you achieve the best possible outcomes.

A word from Aran's Employer

I had no idea how much I was drowning in work until Aran came on board.  Simply having a spare pair of hands immediately freed me up to do more important jobs.  Not that the jobs Aran does are unimportant, he regularly writes proposals for clients so we can win work, cold calls, arranges meetings for me and takes care of the marketing side of the business such as social media.  He's been invaluable to the company and having him going through the structure of the apprenticeship has forced me to think about the company.  I've had to provide him with the company structure in the present, and the company structure for the future and show him where he fits in.  This has had a direct effect on my own abilities when running the company.

09 Feb 2021

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