Skills minister Gillian Keegan share her views on apprenticeships

Ms Keegan said because apprentices are working within an industry straight away, their learning is never out dated, which is extremly important in the fast paced society of today, never falling behind not only benifits your career but the also the company you work for, and their clients.

When looking at the current cohort of apprentices and the disruption they’ve faced, Ms Keegan said they had built up huge resilience, and she hoped they would all “be back to learning and progressing as soon as possible”. She added that, although “there was no doubt” things were rough for businesses at the moment, employers really appreciated apprentices and were working to give young people the opportunities they deserve. 

Ms Keegan added that, in some ways, apprenticeships were still the “world’s best-kept secret” and said the government was working with schools to change this whic gives some insight into what education might look like in the future.

24 Jun 2021

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