Our Staff recieved counter-terrorism training

Aspire to Learn had a visit from Tim from the MET Counter Terrorism Command Team and we have received WRAP (Workshop to Raise Awareness of Prevent) training. Prevent aims to reduce the number of people becoming or supporting violent extremists and is part of the UK’s counter-terrorism strategy.

This training is an introduction to Prevent and is about supporting and protecting those people that might be susceptible to radicalisation, ensuring that individuals and communities have the resilience to resist violent extremism.

The aim of the training is to give us:
• An understanding of the Prevent Agenda and our role within it
• The ability to use our existing expertise and professional judgement to recognise potentially vulnerable individuals and know when an intervention may be necessary to support them
• Knowledge of when, how and where to refer concerns about vulnerable individuals.

Tim has agreed to join forces with Aspire to Learn and work collaboratively with us to ensure we are safeguarding all vulnerable young people, in accordance with our policies and procedures and the training Tim offered. Before leaving, Tim left the following feedback;

“It’s always a pleasure to come in and present in such a happy environment”.

11 Jun 2015

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