Meet our very own 'Aspiring' Apprentice Isabelle

What has it been like starting a new job and a new qualification in Lockdown?

I started with Aspire to Learn just before Lockdown.  I work with the admin team, managing company and learner information and communication. I started off working in the office but had to adapt to remote working quickly. Whilst daunting at first, learning a new role remotely has been a great way to adapt to new ways of working and communicating.

Aspire management ensured the safety our safety of ourselves and our families. As we were all working from home, we had regular contact with our colleagues through zoom calls, emails, and a WhatsApp group chat.  We also learnt new technology so that we could deliver the same standards of work which was produced in the office. Communication is very important, and even more so when being isolated at home, our managers and tutors stayed in touch throughout.

I kept my learning on track and attended monthly zoom calls with my assessor to stay on target with my coursework. Learning from home was just as great as learning from the office, as I received the same standards of teaching and was able to communicate with my assessor if I had any issues.

What made you want to become an Apprentice in the first place?

When I left secondary school, I believed that taking on an apprenticeship was the most suitable option for me as it allowed me to gain professional work experience, a recognised qualification, and earn a wage alongside. It has also allowed me to develop my skills and behaviours, which are transferrable in any workplace environment. 

Do you think you have more empathy with Apprentices because you are an Apprentice yourself?

Yes, as I am an apprentice, I know how it can be a little bit nervous when going into your first office/school full-time job, which can be a major change from school. Having been through this experience myself, I can relate and understand our applicants for apprentices as Aspire.

What the best bit about being an Apprentice?

The best thing about being an apprentice is that I can work alongside experienced colleagues who are able to support and train me in my job role; this has allowed me to develop personable skills.

What's the best bit about your job?

I enjoy engaging with the team enrolling new learners on to courses and completing their sign-up to our Apprenticeship courses.

What are your aspirations after you have finished your course?

After I have completed my Apprenticeship in September, I am going to university to study business further. This Apprenticeship was a great way to boost my experience in the Business sector and has motivated me to learn more.

What advice would you give to Aspiring Apprentices?

I would advise taking the opportunity to make the best experience of being an apprentice in a workplace environment. Make sure you learn as much as possible to improve your personal and professional skills, as these will be beneficial in the long term and allow you to potentially gain a permanent role at your workplace after completing your course.

It is important that your performance is always at the best of your ability to show your dedication to the business and yourself.  

If you had to create your hashtag for Apprenticeship, what would it be?

#beanapprentice :-)





02 Jun 2021

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