Kickstart update with Square Balloon

This afternoon we are speak to Eoin Oliver and his new employee about the Kickstart Scheme one month in. Thanks for your time today Eoin, you joined our Kickstart scheme earlier in the year and wanted to know how its going.  Ill start with asking.

What does Square Balloon do and why did you want to join the Kickstart Scheme?

We are a creative agency based in Essex.  We create graphic and website designs, as well as marketing surrounding those items.  We also build software.

How has the process been for you?

The process has been great Helen and Aydan have been very helpful keeping in touch via phone and email.  The DWP have been helpful too, also communicating via phone and email.

How is your Kickstart employee Pav doing?

Pav is doing great.  He’s never done this before but he’s a fast learner and he’s keen to learn.  He lives very locally and is a humble and honest person.  So he fits right in.

Have you found it useful?  Easier to employ someone?

Yes, it’s been really useful.  We found it so easy, we went to the job centre one day and interviewed 4-5 people and picked Pav as the best candidate.  We made our offer the next day.

Would you recommend the Kickstart scheme to other employers and why? 

I would highly recommend it.  If you can’t do more business with an additional human in your company you’re doing it wrong.  Pav’s been a great asset and it’s great to give a young person a chance.

You have apprentices with us, do you have a preference, if the kickstart scheme was extended alongside the apprenticeship scheme, which direction would you go?  For example, would you move your employee onto an Apprenticeship and develop their skills in the business. Or do you think they are different schemes for different people?

Obviously having the money back from the government for the wages really does help.  But I’m keen to invest in my staff and the course you offer for web development is strong so I have already told Pav at the end of six months he will move onto an apprenticeship to continue his learning.  Our Apprentice Aran who has been with us for six months is also doing great.

Finally, what are your next steps with your employee and your business.

Pav will move onto an apprenticeship at the end of this to continue his learning.  We might also offer another person a Kickstarter deal.


We also had a chat with Pav, and you read about the scheme is going for him here.

Employers you we have put together a quick guide on the difference between Kickstart and Apprenticeships which you can read here.

27 Jul 2021