It is our pleasure to announce our partnership with Kim Wheatley of KW Mentoring

Aspire to Learn takes great pride and importance in finding ways to provide a value-added service to all our clients to create even greater value in our relationships with you.

With lockdown restrictions targeted to end June 21st, many companies are preparing to expand their services and teams in various ways, including taking on apprentices, transforming their sales and marketing strategies, and in many cases, their operational procedures.

For SME's, business growth and transformation presents many challenges, in particular, when entering a new phase of business development and regulation.

It is our pleasure to announce our partnership with Kim Wheatley of KW Mentoring, who has many years of experience guiding and helping entrepreneurs through these challenges.

Kim helps businesses by:

  • Supporting businesses with their sales and marketing team management
  • How to make your marketing budget work harder and generate more enquiries without investing more money in software or tools
  • Training, mentoring, coaching to enable team members to become fully engaged and on board with the new company vision and processes
  • Referral Marketing Plans
  • Mindset, creating good habits, overcoming procrastination, challenging complacency, motivating the motivator.
  • Business growth and planning


As a busy entrepreneur, training, mentoring, and managing teams can be time-consuming, leaving little time to focus on expansion, business plans, clients and even yourself.

Kim provides you with the tools, training and coaching to help you develop your business to work for you enabling you to reap the rewards and enjoy the benefits of entrepreneurship.

Kim has agreed to make himself available for one-to-one Business Growth Accelerator consultations over the next few weeks. So, if you are interested, please do get in touch; this first session is free of charge and will be held on Teams or Zoom.


More details of how Kim can help can be found here. Kim’s next session is on the 18th May and you can register here you can also contact Kim directly at, quoting 'ASPIRE.' If you would like to attend FREE ONE HOUR

Below is some feedback from Ken’s clients.

When I was first approached, I rightly was a little sceptical, as would be expected, having not done anything like this before. I can honestly say with hand on heart that the whole experience has been absolutely fantastic. Nigel Leaver-Absolute Creations Limited

Kim has helped me regain focus on my life and my business. It has enabled me to "work smarter" towards my goals; I cannot thank him enough. Jack Longman -Director at Longman Media Co.

Kim is no ordinary business coach; he is a mentor. Mike Allison- Director at Mayflower Ltd

Kim is obviously an expert in his field. Sam Neame-CEO & Founder at Sam Neame Consulting

Kim is brilliant and really helping me in my business. I got to the point where I needed something more to help me push to the next level - Mark Holmes-Director at MAH Builders (Essex) Ltd

I cannot thank Kim enough for his help and guidance, and look forward to what the future brings for my Company, myself and my family. Mark Ellett-Managing Director at Powerlec Electrical and Testing Ltd

Kim makes you learn doing the small tasks every day he helps to create huge outcomes with your clients. Ricky Shah-Managing Director at Techpoint Distribution Ltd

06 May 2021