Interview with our Tutor Shilpa - Learning In Lockdown

Interview with our Tutor Shilpa

2020 has been a challenging year for Apprentices, our Aspiring Apprentices have been amazing. Our tutors have been working hard to ensure our learners stay on track. Shilpa one of our amazing tutors answers some questions about Learning in Lockdown

How has been working with students in Lockdown?

'In the first Lockdown, most of my learners have been asked to work from home by their employers and are not keyworkers. '

'The COVID-19 pandemic is a difficult situation for learners.  Our apprentices have had to face change in the workplace, concern over their future career and concern for their families' health and job prospects. We have older learners on apprenticeships and upskill courses, who have families, and so are also home teaching in some cases.'

'My job is to ensure that we enable learners to continue with their studies even in Lockdown.  In many cases, Lockdown has given the learners an excellent opportunity to use the time at home to complete the assignments set and carry out their 20% off the job training they would have usually been doing in a working hour. This extra time is also a benefit to employers as once fully back in the workplace; Apprentices will have more time to commit to their employers' business recovery.'

How did you manage to keep them on track?

'I'm currently carrying our remote sessions with learners. I use various virtual meeting rooms which are a great way to interact with learners and provide them with support and guidance on their KSB's.

The great thing about online learning is that you can also have remote sessions with more than one learner at a time. For example, I can teach a group of learners from the same company or even different companies with Apprentices on the same course.  Apprentices can feed off each other and share ideas; it's been motivational for them.'

'We also have the facility to ensure we carry out VQ manager tutorials, demonstrate the features available, and upload evidence by sharing my screen using the share screen features.'

'At each session, I cover the following subject areas:

Apprenticeship standards and course work

EPA Process and what level the learner is currently working towards

Functional Skills – Maths and/or English

I can also check on core issues such as Safeguarding, Health and safety, GDPR, Equality and Diversity.'

'Due to the wonderful invention of the Internet and the great software and apps available for apprentices, I have been able to continue with their learning effectively. As a training provider, we would most probably have struggled to support our learners despite their qualifications these challenging times'

Whilst it has been challenging, we are now in our third Lockdown, do you think that online learning will fully replace face to face teaching? 

'I hope not, as soon as Lockdown commenced in March 2020, we rolled out new online learning processes and demonstrated the learning apps which allowed me to meet with students face to face, albeit online.'

'Like online shopping, online learning has accelerated and jumped us ahead five or so years.  I don't advocate the total replacement of face-to-face learning; I miss the 'in-person' face to face interaction with students as well, and I trust they feel the same.'

'However, online tools have given tutors the ability to teach more learners, accelerate their learning and completion of their course, and allow more teamwork. We are now in Lockdown 3, and I am sure that there will be even more online tools coming.  So, one positive is that in the future we can give learners and businesses more options to combine both face to face and online learning which makes our offering even more bespoke to each learner and business.'

'Another positive is that due to the expedited need to increase digital skills, we have launched a range of new course in the IT and Digital Sectors, which gives employers and learners more choice of courses and the ability to upskill their workforce's digital skills.'

Shilpa Patel - Apprenticeship Assessor

And here is  what some of here learners had to say

'I believe online learning with Shilpa is a very good. Having our meetings online definitely helps me; it ensures that my apprenticeship won't be delayed and makes sure that we are doing fine. I think it's been beneficial'.

Tasnia C

'My experience using online learning with Shilpa was a successful one. It was straightforward and Shilpa ensured she made it easy to learn!'

Alexandra A

I have a great assessor Shilpa who is helping me get through my journey until my qualification is completed. I do certainly recommend this training provider if looking for one.


03 Feb 2021