August Apprentice of the Month

Congratulations Adam Francois, you are our Learner of the Month!


Here is what Adam had to say about his experience working with Aspire 2 learn- "The recruitment service was very quick, fast and efficient. It wasn’t long after I joined Aspire to Learn, that I got the interview with the company I am doing my apprenticeship with now. After I then got accepted by the company, the paperwork and sorting of my coursework was all done quickly so I could start as soon as possible! My assessor, Shilpa, has helped me a lot since I have started here. Shilpa has taught me well so far and gives me great guidance whenever I need it. If I ever have any questions she is more than happy to help me. This helps a lot during the coursework as it can be confusing at times, so someone who is understanding helps a great deal. The support in general has been great. I often get calls from Aspire to Learn asking how I am getting on at my apprenticeship and how the coursework is going. If I ever have any questions I feel more than comfortable to get in contact because I know they will always be happy to help." Adam is doing his apprenticeship with The Champagne & Gift Company and here's a lovely picture of Adam with his employer Susie Wilce.

04 Aug 2017