Ask an Apprentice - Meet Aydin our very own Aspiring Apprentice

Aydin is part of our specialist recruitment team advising 'Aspiring' Apprentices about how apprenticeships work and matches them to suitable employer vacancies. His role involves pre-screening, interviewing, and organising interviews between employers and candidates. Once an employer hires an Apprentice, he ensures that our apprentices are signed onto courses and helps employers set up their DAS accounts. He also assists employers to access apprenticeship funding and resources for upskilling their teams.

What made you want to become an Apprentice in the first place?

To gain experience and obtain a qualification to help improve my skills and knowledge to achieve my long term career aspirations.

What course are you doing?

I am studying Sales Professional Level 4 standard. It's a really interesting course because I have learnt that there is more to sales than prospecting clients. There are many modules in the course that have developed my awareness about negotiation demographics and marketing and sales, whilst different are very much linked. For example, I am learning how price, product, service delivery, and customer feedback can help a business decide what to sell and how to promote it.

Do you think you have more empathy with Apprentices because you are an Apprentice yourself?

Yes, as I understand how hard it can be to obtain an apprenticeship and the difficulties you go through to find an apprenticeship, I am keen to help others progress as I have.

What is the best bit about being an Apprentice?

Being able to learn as much as possible whilst developing skills, gaining work experience and knowledge and understanding of the sector. Earning a salary also has its benefits because I am gaining a high-level qualification alongside my valuable work experience. I have access to an online learning platform to upload projects enabling me to fit the course around my working week. I have great support and resources to ensure I stay on track.

What's the best bit about your job?

Being able to speak to various people on a daily basis and help them achieve their goals. I get a good feeling knowing that I have helped someone get onto their career ladder and helped our clients find the best person for their vacancy.

We deliver apprenticeship standards in many sectors, so I have also learnt how different sectors operate, which means I can provide greater insight about those sectors to those deciding on their chosen career, particularly when attending school events and talking to pupils.

Aspire to Learn has a great team; we are a small business, so I have been lucky to apply the skills I have learned to a variety of tasks.

What are your aspirations after you have finished your course?

Hopefully to go into full-time employment with Aspire to Learn; it's a great company to work for; no day is the same, and I enjoy the variation in my working week.

What advice would you give to Aspiring Apprentices?

Make sure you have a good CV. Research the companies you are applying to and prepare for the interview. If you don't get a job at your first interview, be resilient and stay focused on why you have chosen to take an apprenticeship. Use any experience you have gained as a means for learning and improving your interview skills. Also, remember that once you have an apprenticeship, you still need to complete your course to qualify, so time management and commitment is essential.

If you had to create your hashtag for Apprenticeship, what would it be?


We asked our Employer Engagement Director, Helen, about the value that Aydin had made to her side of the business: Unfortunately, he only had ten days in the office before we went into lockdown.   'Aydin has had to learn processes, new skills, and behaviours very quickly, which he has done incredibly well under the challenging circumstances of the pandemic.

As well as ensuring that we have the right candidate for each Apprenticeship vacancy, he has developed new recruitment processes for the Kickstart scheme using the new skills he has gained through his apprenticeship course and his natural abilities. On top of all that, he has managed the onboarding for our Adult Learning courses. It's a pleasure to work with him, it's been a frantic time, and Aydin has been an enormous asset as we endeavour to help more young people start or develop their careers.

If you are interested in Apprenticeships, we are here to help you. You can contact us here

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09 Feb 2022