Apprenticeships FAQ's

What is an Apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships are work-based training programmes that are designed to help employers train people for specific job roles. At the same time, apprentices get a paying job with valuable training while they work towards a nationally recognised Apprenticeship Standard.

What qualifications are available?

There are over 500 Apprenticeship courses available that are called Standards. These standards provide the opportunity to learn about almost any role in any sector. Groups of leading employers set these standards within a specific sector, and all courses end with an industry-recognised qualification.

How is training provided?

Training is provided by our experienced tutors at the employer's place of business. There is no need to attend college. Our tutors will create an individual learning plan with you and guide you through the Apprenticeship course. You will submit work online to our platform, where all the coursework resources are held for you to download. You will receive face to face and online learning support.

How long does an Apprenticeship last?

The duration of an Apprenticeship depends on the course. Most courses are usually between 12 – 18 months to complete. Degree apprenticeships can last up to 5 years. You can find out the course duration on the Apprenticeship Standards website. You can see the Apprenticeship courses and Apprenticeship vacancies we have on our website as well.

What happens when the course is finished?

You will receive your Certificate/Diploma, and many qualifications offer the ability to become a member of a sector-specific institute, which will look great on your CV. After completing the Apprenticeship, employers may decide to hire you full time and make you a permanent member of staff. You can read about Apprentice Success on our blog page.

What is the salary of an Apprentice?

The minimum wage for an Apprentice in their first year is £4.30 an hour. However, employers do pay more or pay commission, travel and/or bonus. Those who have already completed their first year will go up to the minimum wage for the individual's age. Whilst the salary might seem low, it's worth remembering that Apprentices are gaining a qualification debt-free and gaining valuable work experience. We have some tips on how to manage apprenticeship wages here.

Can anyone do an Apprenticeship?

Yes, anyone can do an Apprenticeship at any age as long as you have not already done the same course previously. If you have done a course already, we will find you a course that suits your employer and takes you to a higher level.

Am I entitled to holidays during my Apprenticeship?

Yes, as you are fully employed by the company you are placed with for your Apprenticeship, you will be entitled to all of the same benefits as other employees.

How can I find and apply for an Apprenticeship?

We have all of our available vacancies on our website right now. Alternatively, you can apply through the National Apprenticeship website or even websites like Indeed.

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25 May 2021