8 Apprenticeship benefits that will help your career

Apprenticeships are a fantastic opportunity for you to earn, learn, gain work experience whilst gaining a nationally recognised qualification!

An apprenticeship is also the perfect alternative to university or college if you feel these options aren't quite right for you. There are many benefits of Apprenticeships, and we have listed seven of the key benefits below:-

  1. You'll gain invaluable experience

Experience is everything when it comes to getting a job. Employers often value relevant experience over having qualifications alone. Doing an apprenticeship shows that you can work in a professional environment, both as part of a team and as an individual.

  1. You'll have skills

Apprenticeships are all about gaining knowledge, skills and developing behaviours in a chosen role. This does not mean that the apprenticeship you take will fix your career for life.  Many apprenticeships provide you with transferable skills; for example, a business administrator apprenticeship will provide you with skills that can be transferred across multiple sectors.  

  1. You'll also have the skills employers want

You may not be aware of this, but the new Apprenticeship standards are set by groups of employers who have got together to set the course requirements. So, when you apply for a job, with similar requirements, you'll already have the skillset and experience they need, and you'll stand out from other applicants who only have qualifications.

  1. You'll make connections

Everyone you work with or meet is a potential connection who could help you in the future, so be sure to make a good impression on everyone you come across. Social platforms such as LinkedIn enable you to network with these connections, and they can be useful in the future for career advice or job opportunities.

  1. You'll open doors for your career

Once you've completed your apprenticeship, you'll have lots of options. Whether you want to continue where you are, move onto a new opportunity, or take on the next level of qualification or even diversify. Either way, there will be a chance to progress.

  1. You'll know what you want

During your apprenticeship, you'll get a taste of what it's like to work within a specific role, team or environment, and this will help you to decide what you want from your career and where you'd like to progress to next.

  1. You'll get a reference

You can put everything you learn from your apprenticeship on your CV when applying for a new job, and you will have a reference. References can come from many different people you've worked with – from your line manager, your training provider, assessor and even a client – and a good reference can make all the difference to your chances of getting at a new job.

  1. After completion, you will have more options

Many Apprenticeship qualifications are A level equivalents that Universities will accept should this be your next step, or you can move to a higher level or degree course with your current or a new employer. The training is still 95% funded by the government, the is 5% funded by your employer which means, if you continue with your Apprenticeship training, you can continue earning and learning and be debt-free.

If you are an Aspiring Apprentice and would like to know more about choosing the right apprenticeship, how to apply, or just want some more information, we have loads of useful resources on our website.  Alternatively, you can speak to one of our Apprenticeship Advisors or take a look at some of our current Apprenticeship Vacancies @Aspire2Learn.

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21 Sep 2021

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