5 Interview tips of the week: 11.05.2016

1.Research the organisation:  Look into the industry that the company is in,what the company does daily, their history, progression routes and the competitors.
2.Research the role:  Ensure you know what duties are involved in the role, look at the progression routes, skills and knowledge needed to be successful in the role.
3.Research yourself:  Employers want to know about you, make sure you know enough about yourself before the interview. Establish what is your biggest achievement, your strengths and weaknesses and where you plan to be in the future.
4.Dress for success: Dress smart, it’s better to be over-dressed than under.
5. Don’t be late: Get to the interview about 15 minutes early. It is important to be on time to set a good first impression. Although remember not to be too early.

11 May 2016