Turn change into favourable outcomes

 Turn change into favourable outcomes:

Embrace recent changes to benefit your business…
Over the last few weeks, the way we do business has changed and some changes may even remain in place.  Any number of factors can change a business’s operational model and, until a couple of months ago, most businesses had some sort of action plan in place for expansion.  This latest crisis has not only impacted business growth it has also changed your customers’ user experience in one way or another.

Customer needs are always evolving and they are now more than ever!
9 to 5 working or shift patterns may no longer be the norm for your business, for example, in the hospitality sector, since more consumers are working at home they are less likely to be buying supper on the way home from work. To meet these changing demands, cafes and restaurants have moved to provide takeaway and delivery services.  These companies may have had to invest in new technology, perhaps better broadband and/or an e-commerce platform and such changes are similar for B2C and B2B businesses.

Based on the demands of customers for new products and using new ways to source and receive services, how ready are you and your employees to adapt and deliver?

You have the tech but you still need people to use it
This pandemic has seen a surge in the development and use of new tech to help us stay on track but the most important asset to any business is your teams.
Whether you are the most resourceful entrepreneur, director or manager, you cannot build on success alone.  Your teams are there to help implement your business goals whilst you focus on your plans for the immediate and long term future. For this to be successful, you need to make sure that your teams stay ahead, stay engaged and embrace change ready to return to normality.

Your best asset is your team so equip them with the skills as well as the resources they need
You already have a team of employees who know your business but may need to change the way they work.  They may need to acquire new skills in IT, marketing, sales, project management or management skills.

Use what grants and resources are available to you right now….
The government has ‘wrapped its arms around the nation’ to protect businesses and its employees.  For a lot of businesses, the future may look uncertain and training existing staff doesn’t seem like a priority.  But now is the perfect time to do this.  With the government offering to cover 80% of your employee's salaries, if you need them to be furloughed, you should take this opportunity to invest in their training so, when the time comes and they return to work, they will be armed with expanded skill sets.

Before the pandemic began, employers in the UK were utilising apprenticeship funding to train new and upskill existing key employees helping them to diversify into a new role and develop new skills.  The CPD notes that there are, on average, in excess of 5 million individuals in the UK alone undertaking some form of CPD activity on an annual basis either as part of their professional commitment/s or simply to better themselves.

As mentioned in our last blog - Apprenticeship Levy-Use it or Lose it, the same message applies and the funding is still available to you right now. Your staff can still train even if they are furloughed

Apprenticeship training provides the ability to develop new skills within your business, train future stars, ensure succession planning, bring new ideas to help your business through periods of transformation, change and growth.

There are over 500 standards approved by the Institute of Apprentices and Technical Education, many of which are occupational standards that have been developed with the input of some of  UK’s leading companies. These courses can be tailored to any sector and company of any size.

A good training provider will offer you a training needs analysis and then work with you to develop the standards’ criteria into tailored training plans that meet your unique business requirements.

Aspire to Learn will be offering free online snapshots of some of the courses we provide in the coming weeks. If you wish to know more about how we can help you make the most of your government apprenticeship funding or wish to discuss your company’s training needs, please feel free to get in touch.

17 Apr 2020