How Apprenticeships can help Adult Health Care providers

As a leading health care training provider, we’ve continued to work with our adult, and social care apprentices through challenges never experienced quite like the ones this pandemic has forced them to face.

Our Adult Care Apprentices continued with their studies whilst working extra shifts caring for our families, friends and colleagues. The Aspire to Learn team, our families and employers offer our gratitude and respect.

The Government introduced COVID-19 vaccination as a condition of deployment for all frontline from November 11th. We feel it is appropriate as a leading Adult Health Care Training Provider to inform all our employers that we also adopt this policy and commit to following all Government and employer-led procedures.

The NHS and Private Health Care sectors face many more challenges with patient backlogs, and staff shortages continue. Some good news is that the Government has provided a range of recruitment and skills training initiatives to help meet these challenges. One of the most cost-effective means for adult care providers to develop a skilled, motivated and qualified workforce is Apprenticeships.

So, how can Apprenticeship programmes directly benefit and support your organisation?

  • They improve Patient Care. Apprentices tend to be eager, motivated and flexible. Remember, an apprentice is with you because they want to be – they have made an active choice to learn on the job and a commitment to a specific career.
  • Apprenticeships increase loyalty to the organisation, and most apprentices stay with their recruiting employer resulting in a consistent and cohesive approach to patient care.

The Incentives for hiring apprentices are available until January 2022. These incentives offer a cost-effective way to hire new employees and the chance for them to gain a healthcare qualification, which is a productive way to grow talent and develop a motivated, skilled and qualified workforce.

Apprenticeship Training also offers employers and their existing employees funding to upskill and gain an industry-specific qualification. Training is either 100% or 95% funded by the Government subject to criteria).

In addition, levy employers can transfer their unspent levy to other employers, meaning smaller health care organisations will not have to pay the 5% co-investment. You can read more about Apprenticeship Levy transfers and view available transfer opportunities on the Gov.UK pledge page.

Aspire to Learn’s is delivered through blended learning, a mix of online and face to face,  supported by a 24-hour online learning platform. Our tutors work shifts so learners can attend online courses at a time that suits them, day or evening.

Aspire to Learn delivers Adult Care Apprentichsips from levels 2 to 5 and relevant courses that lead to management, including Team Leader -Supervisor Apprenticeships and Operations and Departmental Manager level 5.  We also offer added value courses such as mental health and safeguarding, dementia awareness, manual handling to all Apprentices and employers.

To talk to one of our training or recruitment experts, please feel free to get in touch!


16 Nov 2021

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