How a Digital Marketing Apprentice can add value to your business

In Marketing, apart from your customer, the people in your team are an important resource. Whilst there is an abundance of software products available to promote your product or services, you need people trained to use the proper application for the right purpose and at the right time.

In small businesses, there may often be a crossover of over duties. For managers, it's a fine line between managing daily activities and planning for growth.  Add to that the ever-changing marketing trends in the digital space; staying on top of marketing plans may not always be a priority.

Adding a dedicated Digital Marketer to your team could be the answer to making sure that you and your line managers can focus on what's needed to develop the business.

The cost of a Digital Marketer is between £19,0000 to £54,000 per year, with the UK average being £33,248.

Yes, we are a training provider and therefore the No 1 supporter of Apprenticeships, but looking at those numbers, we think you'll agree it's a no brainer! And as a reminder – Apprenticeship Training is either 100% or 95% funded by the Government depending if your company pays into the Apprenticeship Levy

Digital Marketing Apprenticeships start at Level 3, and progress to Level 6. At Aspire, Digital Marketer Level 3 and Marketing Executive Level 4 are popular choices. However, they are different courses, and for this blog, we are focussing on Digital Marketing.

So, what does an Apprentice Digital Marketer learn?

The primary course modules teach learners how to define, design, build and implement digital campaigns across various online and social media platforms to drive customer engagement, acquisition, and retention. They will develop writing skills for a range of digital media and audiences. In addition, they will learn to research, interpret and use data to plan and create digital marketing campaigns.

The beauty of this particular course is that there are three further knowledge modules to choose from, so you can tailor learning options to your business's products and service offerings.  And your team member will also achieve a professional qualification and be eligible to register to join as an Affiliate (Professional) member of the CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing) and/or Associate membership of BCS. These modules are: -

1 Marketing Principles - Addresses the knowledge, skills, and behaviours required by a digital marketer to analyse, strategise, and implement digital marketing campaigns successfully.

Vendor or Professional Qualifications

  • Google Squared
  • CIM Level 3 Award in Digital Fundamentals
  • Dot Native
  • CIW – Internet Business Associate

Principles of Coding - How the Web works from a digital and social media perspective. The basic principles of good coding, including the key features and uses of the main coding languages. The compatibility of different code on different platforms.

Vendor or Professional Qualifications

  • MTA HTML 5 Application Development Fundamentals (98-375)
  • CIW – Site Development Associate

3 Digital Marketing Business Principle - Covers basic and advanced Google Analytics  IQ concepts, including planning and principles; implementation and data collection; configuration and administration; conversion and attribution; reports, metrics and dimensions.

Vendor or Professional Qualifications

  • Google Analytics IQ
  • CIM Level 3 Award in Digital Fundamentals
  • CIW – Data Analytics
  • CIW – Social Media Strategist
  • Dot Native
  • Google Squared

Your apprentice will apply their new knowledge to their occupational practice quickly. But Apprentices will also need on the job training to understand your business and product. They will also be required to have 20% off the job learning to work on industry-related projects which can be relative to your business and used towards their End Point Assessment.

All this new knowledge in your business is added value, and hiring or upskilling through Apprentichsips can add other benefits to your business to:-

  1. You can scale your business and develop new talent cost-effectively, releasing you and your managers to work on growth, not in the business.
  2. Add fresh ideas and creative and technical skills to your team. Apprentices ask questions that generate new ideas, and they are often already ahead in the evolving world of social media.
  3. Embed best industry practices to your marketing strategies. The skills learnt will be bespoke and applied directly to your business, and the knowledge gained will be used and shared amongst your teams.
  4. Hire for attitude and train for skills. As with all apprentices, all you need is the right person with the right attitude and willingness to learn; skills can be taught.
  5. Training improves productivity and workforce morale. By embedding a training and development culture, you will have motivated teams acquiring new skills and knowledge. As a result, your business will grow, and you will also be implementing a cost-effective succession plan.

Aspire to Learn make training very easy through blended learning and the provision of online learning platforms.  We deliver training one to one, develop individual learning plans for them, and provide mentors for each learner.

We offer recruitment, training needs analysis, and training free of charge. So if you are looking for a cost-effective way to develop your team's skills or add new talent to your business, please get in touch here to speak to one of our recruitment or training consultants.



28 Mar 2022